BVKER Releases “Foley Factory” Sample Pack for Free

BVKER - Foley Factory Sample Pack (Free)

BVKER has announced the release of the “Foley Factory,” a free Lo-Fi sample pack that offers about 200 unique wav samples, including drum samples, atmospheres, effect sounds, a construction kit, and unprocessed foley samples. The entire pack is royalty-free, and there’s no need for any email sign-ups or social media engagement to access the downloads.

The collection came to life during BVKER’s involvement in setting up the Akustikbild Galerie in Germany, a venture that specializes in crafting custom acoustic absorbers. While in the process of organizing the workspace, BVKER was inspired to record the distinctive sounds produced by various tools such as saws, staple guns, drills, grinders, and an air compressor.

These recordings were then meticulously processed in a digital audio workstation, resulting in a diverse array of Lo-Fi sound elements, including downlifters, uplifters, atmospheres, FX, unconventional percs, and much more. To encourage your own creative exploration, BVKER thoughtfully included the raw, unprocessed recordings as well.


  • 79 Foley Recordings
  • 1 Construction Kit
  • 39 Drum Hits
  • 14 FX Sounds
  • 13 Atmos


  • Genres: Lo-Fi Hip Hop
  • License: Royalty-Free
  • Size: 307 MB
  • Files: 207 Files

Availability: The Foley Factory Lo-Fi Sample Pack is free: