Free Foley Library: Foley Sounds & Effects

If you’re looking for a free foley library you came to the right place. You’re going to find random recordings and synthesized sound effects you can use for your video project, podcast, audiobook, movie, game, or musical production. In the upcoming weeks, months, and years, we’re going to regularly upload real recordings of everyday objects, nature, or humans, and artificial foley sounds, pops, clicks, beeps, transitions, or laserguns. Stay tuned!

lighter sound effects - WAVBVKERY

Free Lighter Flick Sound Effects

Download 40 high-quality lighter sounds & flick sound effects from our free foley library. All samples are 100% royalty-free and can be downloaded on your drive for free as well. Maybe the ideal fit for your next computer game project, movie clip, or audiobook. Grab your copy today!

Dice Rolling Sound Effects - WAVBVKERY

Dice Rolling Sound Effects (Free Download)

If you need some fresh dice sounds for your next video, game, or audio project this pack is for you. It comes with 15 high-quality dice sound effects, which have been recorded in a professionally built vocal booth. They sound clean, they’re normalized and 100% royalty-free. What else could you want?