Acon Digital Restoration Suite 2

Acon Digital Restoration Suite 2 – Review

I often divide music production into a fun, creative, and illuminating part and a tedious, technical, and time-consuming part. The first consists of songwriting, sound design, and composition. The second deals with audio engineering, mixing, and so on.

Best Future Bass Samples 2021

Best Future Bass Samples 2021 (Free & Paid)

Future Bass is without any doubt one of the most interesting genres of our time. Compared to other genres like Trap or Hip Hop, which honestly don’t innovate that much, Future Bass records are often based on beautifully weird sounds.


Heavyocity Damage 2 – Sample Library Review

Whether you are a composer for film or trailer music, a producer of modern screaming dubstep or hybrid trap, or just generally interested in some hard-hitting, great-sounding cinematic percussion, the answer to your problems in the past has always been the Damage library..

Royalty-Free Phonk Samples

BVKER Releases Royalty-Free Phonk Samples

Phonk is a subgenre of Hip Hop, defined by distorted 808s, hard-hitting drums, and cowbell melodies.. and since most trap sample packs contain the same old sounds, BVKER and his team decided to release a bunch of unique Phonk samples, inspired by the genre.

Best Synthwave VST Plugins

Best Synthwave VST Plugins (Free & Paid)

Music production was never as easy and affordable as it is today. In the 80s you had to buy at least one analog drum machine, hardware synth and a device to record and mix everything. This could easily cost thousands of dollars and the possibilities were quite limited.

Best Vaporwave Sample Packs

Best Vaporwave Sample Packs of 2021

Vaporwave revolves around the past. So in order to create a Vaporwave beat, you need sounds from old drum machines and analog hardware synthesizers. Unfortunately tools like this are quite expensive and also impractical to use compared to a modern DAW.

Tokyo Dawn Records Nova Review

Tokyo Dawn Records Nova Review

More people than ever before are getting into music production nowadays. And if you start getting more serious about your work, your path will unavoidably lead to learning how to properly mix your tracks. But the tools needed for that are quite expensive.

TAL-U-No-LX Review

TAL-U-No-LX Review

The TAL-U-No-LX is a software emulation of Roland’s popular Juno-60 hardware synth. In contrast to the hardware unit it further comes with some extra features, including portamento, additional filter LFO waveforms and more.

CFA Sounds Super-7 Review

CFA Sounds Super-7 – Free VST Synth Review

We live in a time where the zeitgeist tends to go a lot in the ‘retro’-direction. Genres like 80s-style pop, synthwave, and disco are getting popular again. This is due to the fact that these genres use a very special kind of sound which was popularized by Roland in the early 80s.