The Best Sylenth1 Tutorials (Beginners & Pros)

Best Sylenth1 Tutorials

Sylenth1 is a great plugin to learn the basics of synthesis, but if you open it for the very first time chances are good that you won’t understand that much. There’s an overwhelming amount of knobs, labeled with weird names like cutoff, resonance or phase.

That said, it’s a good idea to watch or read a bunch of Sylenth1 tutorials in order to get used to the synth. I set myself to work, watched hours of video material and finally came up with this list of the best tutorials for beginners and pros.

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Free Sylenth1 Tutorials

These days, you can find an insane amount of information online and a lot of this stuff is even free. When it comes to music production, you can basically learn everything you need to know on YouTube. Below you’ll find the best – free to watch – tutorials.

Your First 30 Minutes Using Sylenth by ADSR Sounds

Before you start messing around with advanced sound design techniques it’s a good idea to get a basic overview. This two part video series by ADSR is a great starting point:

The Complete Guide To Master Sylenth1 by Zen World

So know that you already got a basic impression of what this synth can do, it’s time to dive in a bit deeper. This video series by Zen World explains every single part of Sylenth. It’s without any doubt a must-watch if you really want to get used to it.

Sylenth Sound Design Tutorials

Once you learn what all the single parameters can do it’s time to get a better understanding of sound design. Use the links below to learn how to make leads, plucks, chords and other types of sounds.

Although you’ll find tons of useful information using the resources above, not every tutor has studied the synth entirely and it’s just human to make mistakes. Therefore, I highly recommend taking a look at the official user manual by Lennar Digital. It’s available in 7 common languages, so there’s a good chance one of them is your native one. Either way, the manual is only 30 pages long, so make sure to download it to your smart phone so you can read through it on your next train ride.

Paid Sylenth1 Tutorials

Yes, I already said it and will say it again: the free Sylenth1 videos are great and there’s no need to spend any money, but sometimes it can be beneficial to get all the information from one single source. Here are a bunch of paid courses, which might spark your interest as well:


So these are all of my favorite resources for learning Sylenth1. I’m sure that, if you watched all of them you can consider yourself an expert by now. Good job! If you strife for additional content just open YouTube and search for more. Although the first version was released years ago, there are still a bunch of YouTubers making videos about it on a regular basis.