BVKER Releases Royalty-Free Phonk Samples

Royalty-Free Phonk Samples

Phonk is a subgenre of Hip Hop, which is defined by heavily distorted 808 samples, hard-hitting drums, and melodies based on cowbell samples.. and since most trap sample packs contain the same old sounds these days, BVKER and his team decided to release a bunch of unique Phonk samples, inspired by the genre. Further details can be found on

Their new “Reticence Phonk Drum Kit” contains a total of 517 royalty-free files, including drum one-shots, tuned TR-808 cowbells, key-labeled bass shots, melodic loops & matching MIDI files. Additionally, you’ll receive 10 “drop hoovers” and a full construction kit filled with all the drum hits, loops, stems, and MIDI files from the demo beat.

The entire pack is inspired by popular Phonk producers, including DJ Smokey, Mythic, or DJ Yung Vamp and all samples have been processed using a lot of saturation and distortion to fit the vibe of the genre. In addition to the pack, BVKER’s team published a tutorial post, which describes how to make a Phonk beat from scratch.

Reticence Contains

  • 350 Drum Hits
  • 40 Key-Labeled Cowbells
  • 30 Key-Labeled 808s
  • 11 Melody Samples
  • 11 Melody MIDIs
  • 10 Drop Hoovers
  • 1 Construction Kit

Price: Reticence is as I’m writing this on sale for $5.