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nick mira drum kit

Nick Mira Inspired Drum Kit (Free Download)

“Dreams” is a free Nick Mira drum kit, inspired by the likes of Nick Mira himself and other Internet Money producers like Taz Taylor or E-Trou. It contains everything you need to produce modern Trap beats, including one-shot drums, cymbals, and tuned 808s.

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Heavyocity Damage 2 – Sample Library Review

Whether you are a composer for film or trailer music, a producer of modern screaming dubstep or hybrid trap, or just generally interested in some hard-hitting, great-sounding cinematic percussion, the answer to your problems in the past has always been the Damage library..

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Royalty-Free Phonk Samples

BVKER Releases Royalty-Free Phonk Samples

Phonk is a subgenre of Hip Hop, defined by distorted 808s, hard-hitting drums, and cowbell melodies.. and since most trap sample packs contain the same old sounds, BVKER and his team decided to release a bunch of unique Phonk samples, inspired by the genre.

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Best Vaporwave Sample Packs

Best Vaporwave Sample Packs of 2021

Vaporwave revolves around the past. So in order to create a Vaporwave beat, you need sounds from old drum machines and analog hardware synthesizers. Unfortunately tools like this are quite expensive and also impractical to use compared to a modern DAW.

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